Case 6491

CT Appearance of Sphenoid Wing Dysplasia in Neurofibromatosis

RP Killeen, DH O'Donnell, DE Malone.
male, 35 year(s)
  • Figure 1
    Axial CT of the Orbits on bony windows shows a large defect in the greater wing of the sphenoid...

    Axial CT Orbits

  • Figure 2
    Axial CT orbit shows herniation of the left temporal lobe into the posterior aspect of the orbit...

    Axial CT of the orbit

  • Figure 3
    Axial CT of the orbit on soft tissue windows. The image has been slightly obliqued to show the...

    Axial CT of the orbits.

Axial CT Orbits
Axial CT of the orbit
Axial CT of the orbits.
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